We are a non-denominational, independent, full-gospel church based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a registered charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We are associated with churches in the U.S.A., England, Germany, and India.

We think church is not something you attend but something to be a part of. We are learning to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ, so that what He wants in every situation, circumstance, relationship, and environment would be brought about - His Kingdom come, His will be done.

We want to honor our Savior Jesus by believing, enjoying, living, and proclaiming the Good News concerning what He has done, is doing and will do. We want to be instruments through which the blessings of heaven can flow to affect the lives and situations of our families, friends, neighbors, enemies, and indeed, the whole world!

We invite you to come check us out! You'll find us a warm, welcoming, friendly bunch (at least we hope you do) who take following after Jesus very seriously but ourselves not so much.  You are always welcome here!